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Reiki and the Amazing Things It Can Do to Your Body

Not all medical conditions need synthetic medicines for treatment. For certain health issues, there are natural remedies that are non-invasive and practically effective.

One of the popular natural therapies nowadays is Reiki. It is a hands-on-body kind of healing wherein a therapist will place their hands lightly over a patient’s body to start the healing process. CMMC Holistic Healing is one of the trusted clinics that offer Reiki.

Reiki’s origin

Reiki comes the combined Japanese word “rei”, which means spiritual or supernatural, and the Chinese word “ki”, which means vital energy. This technique is used to reduce stress and stimulate relaxation, promoting healing in the process. It is based on the idea that there is an invisible energy that flows through our bodies, keeping us alive. So when someone is sick, people who believe in the healing powers of Reiki believe that that person’s life force energy is low. This means that this therapy is a spiritually guided life force energy.

During a Reiki session, where it must be held somewhere in a peaceful and quiet room. Depending on the conditions that a patient may be suffering from, they will be made to sit on a chair or lie on top of a table. The practitioner may also play some relaxing tunes to start the session.

A Reiki therapist will then place their hands gently on or over the patient’s body, specifically on the part where they feel discomfort. But if there is a wound, burn, or any injury, the practitioner will only place their hands just above the injured body part. Some will use chakra wands or crystals that are believed to have healing powers. Sessions can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. A patient may need to complete a few sessions, depending on their medical condition.

Benefits of Reiki

When a Reiki master or therapist places their hands on or over your body, they are channeling the universal energy called “qi”, which is the force energy surrounding all of us. This permeates the body, aiding in relaxation and healing.

Here are some of the benefits of Reiki therapy.

It can relieve pain

A study conducted in 2015 discovered that patients who were treated for cancer and have received Reiki with regular medical care experienced less pain and anxiety.

It can treat anxiety and depression

Reiki, which you can get from CMMC Holistic Healing, may be used in conjunction with a treatment plan for depression. A 2010 study reported that patients who received Reiki experienced an improvement in their mood and wellbeing, as well as felt relaxed.

It can improve the quality of life

This form of therapy can improve your overall wellbeing since it can help patients sleep better, have more self-confidence, be free from depression and anxiety, and be calmer and more at peace, to name a few.

It can treat certain symptoms

It can be used to treat nausea, insomnia, headache, and tension.

Another good thing about Reiki is that it doesn’t have any reported harmful side effects. This is why it’s a great supportive care plan for those with certain health issues.

Book a Reiki session with CMMC Holistic Healing today.

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